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Caffitaly - The Real Espresso Collection - (Nespresso Compatible Pods/Capsules) A perfect coffee is no coincidence. We push the boundaries at every step of our manufacturing process to create, consistently and without compromise, the best Italian Coffee you can buy. Get the real italian flavour on every coffee cup you make. Try our Nespresso Compatible Capsules for a more distinctive taste. The world "Espresso" is by definition coffee of Italian origin. What could be simply put as forcing a nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans, is in fact a culinary art. The making of a real Italian Espresso might seem quick, but it is definitely not simple. There is a lot going on inside that coffee pod when you pull a shot. In addition to that, how the water hits the dry grounds at the start of the extraction will be very different from how it behaves just five seconds later – and this impacts the flavor of that espresso, so if you own a Nespresso Machine, then you MUST choose our Italian made coffee capsules.

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Caffitaly Nespresso Compatible Decaffeinated Coffee Capsules Deca (120 Pods)
$38.95 $55.00

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