$25.95 $39.00
  • Grinded to perfection

  • Ready for making a great American Coffee with the Italian Taste

  • Vacumm Pack 8.8 oz x 3


Attibassi is a blend that best depicts the typical Italian taste. Thanks to its special roast, the select Robusta beans from India, Africa, and the Far East are mixed to perfection with the Arabica beans from the plateaus of Brazil. Espresso Italiano filter coffee is also an exceptionally reliable product and with it, even the most inexperienced barman can make a quality cup. This is due in equal measure, to the special formulation of the blend and the production process

FILTER COFFEE: Attibassi’s filter coffee is a balanced beverage appreciated by those who regularly drink this type of coffee. Characterized by an intense aroma, a fine acidity, and a light body, it is the best solution to obtain a typical American filter coffee. As a matter of fact, it is often sufficient to find the right blend, a powdering that does not penalize but rather enhances the characteristics of this product.

Attibassi Medium Roast Premium Ground Filter Coffee 8.8 oz - Pack of 3
$25.95 $39.00

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