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  • CLASSICO, is the blend that best meets the typical Italian taste, obtained thanks to the clever combination of fine coffees of the Arabica and Robusta varieties. The result is a coffee with character and great roundness, which perfectly combines body and aroma.

  • Intensity 9

  • Fully Compatible with all Nespresso Original Line Machines (Not Vertuoline)

  • The encapsulation involves the insertion of five grams of highly selected Attibassi mixture with the help of inert gases, to maintain quality and ensure durability.

  • Roasting and grinding follow closely monitored procedures with the highest technologies: the first is followed by complex software that constantly monitors the roasting curve of the different types of coffee, to obtain uniform and optimal roasting of the beans; the second is scrupulously controlled to obtain a pulverization of the coffee of the right size, the one suitable for making a coffee neither too watery nor too tight.

  • It is our business promise that you'll love our premium coffee and we are giving you a 60 days satisfaction guarantee for it. So go ahead add to the cart now!

Attibassi Nespresso Coffee Capsules Classico (100 Pods) BEST BY DATE: 06/01/2022- EXP
$19.95 $50.00

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