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  • DECAFFEINATO, is the blend designed for those who love coffee but need not take caffeine. Deca allows you to get an excellent decaffeinated coffee while maintaining all the flavor of the Attibassi espresso.


  • Fully Compatible with all Nespresso Original Line Machines

  • The encapsulation involves the insertion of five grams of highly selected Attibassi mixture with the help of inert gases, to maintain quality and ensure durability.

  • Roasting and grinding follow closely monitored procedures with the highest technologies: the first is followed by complex software that constantly monitors the roasting curve of the different types of coffee, to obtain uniform and optimal roasting of the beans; the second is scrupulously controlled to obtain a pulverization of the coffee of the right size, the one suitable for making a coffee neither too watery nor too tight.

  • It is our business promise that you'll love our premium coffee and we are giving you a 60 days satisfaction guarantee for it. So go ahead add to the cart now!

Attibassi is a traditional brand from Bologna, Italy, long appreciated for the genuine quality of its products. It began life as an artisan pasticceria in 1918, through the passion and commitment of two confectioners: Agostino Atti and Marco Bassi. In the extraordinary gastronomic atmosphere of Bologna, famous for its exquisite cuisine, Attibassi products made their name and attracted increasing attention from refined palates. Today, as then, with the added refinement of modern techniques, the company continues to embody the traditional artisan passion for Italian espresso coffee. Attibassi guarantees excellence for every product through the selection of the best raw materials and the use of working methods based on a simple but effective formula: a perfect balance between human experience and the use of modern industrial processes. Attibassi products cover the whole espresso coffee sector, with blends characterized by an exclusive composition and exclusive roasting methods which enhance the natural properties of specially selected coffee beans. What sets Attibassi coffee apart is, first and foremost, its unfailingly high quality, achieved through a meticulous choice of raw materials, and a sophisticated production process electronically controlled in every phase. Its virtues are the result of years of an ongoing quest for perfection in formulations and stringent quality control procedures, aimed at achieving the perfect blend. Attibassi has developed a special capsule compatible with all Nespresso Original Line Compatible Machines.  Each capsule contains about 5g of roasted coffee, in function of the specific blend. The ground coffee is contained in a capsule of propylene with a patented “click” opening on the bottom.

Attibassi Nespresso Coffee Capsules Decaf (100 Pods)
$33.95 $50.00

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