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The founder's blend was born from the idea of reviving a special product of the highest quality. This ancient blend has been brought to light again, with cofee coming from one of the oldest plantations of the best coffee production areas in the world, skilfully roasted and blended following the Barbera tradition.

  • This Special Blend is characterized by a Rich, Aromatic Bouquet with Elegan notes of Sweet Citrus (Orange) and Tropical (Mango) fruits, Spices (Cinnamon and Cloves) and dried Fruit (Almond and Hazelnut).
  • Fondatore Special Edition Barbera B1870 Whole Beans
  • 150 Years Dedicated To Coffee. The Italian Tradition.
  • 70% Arabica - 30% Robusta - Medium Dark
  • Satisfaction Guranteed - Authorized Distributor in United States
B1870 Barbera Fondatore Italian Extra Premium Roasted Coffee Beans 2.2lb, Pack of 3
$74.95 $96.00

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