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A Family Company Since 1870:

Since 1870, Barbera has consistently satisfied the coffee lovers by bringing them aromatic authentic Italian roast coffee capsules. Over 145 years of tradition goes into every cup of Barbera coffee to bring about a sensational stimulation of the senses through its rich aroma and invigorating delicious flavor.

Barbera offers a wide range of products based on taste differentiation. In a cup of Barbera coffee, there are more than just dark roast coffee capsules, believing that it is not enough to create the smooth harmony of taste and aroma to excel in the world of coffee.

How It All Began:

For centuries coffee has provided inspiration, warmth, energy, clarity, contemplation and a chance to savor and share “the good life” for all those who enjoyed its robust flavors and rich aromas. It wasn’t until 1870, in Southern Italy, that true coffee perfection – Cafè Barbera – was created by the founder, Domenico Barbera, when he opened our first coffee house and served fresh coffee roasted daily with passion and dedication. Over 145 years later the tradition of the Cafè Barbera Company, one of the oldest coffee companies in Europe, has been carried on by five generations of the Barbera family and merged with a spectacular vision to establish traditional Italian coffee shops serving premium authentic Italian roasted coffee beans. Still sourced from seven varieties of the world’s finest coffee beans, slow roasted separately by master coffee roasters and artfully blended to our original recipe. "

Real coffee 

When it comes to authentic Italian espresso, it depends on what you mean by that. If you mean real as in proper coffee vs instant, then yes, Nespresso machines and other coffee pods/ disk machines create real coffee. espresso Nespresso compatible Italian coffee capsules all contain roasted ground beans.

B1870 Barbera Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules Intensity 9 Classic, 60 Pods
$28.95 $39.00

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