Attibassi Intenso Retail Box

Attibassi Intenso Nespresso Compatible Capsules becomes an Amazon's favorite!

fernando seliman

The great success of the Intenso Italian taste on the famous Attibassi Coffee made a great success between Amazon's consumers.

Since its launch on November 2019 the popularity of this strong coffee. In this blog we'd like to share wth you the most important organoleptic notes:


  • Body 8

  • Aftertaste Persistance 8

  • Cream Colour 8

  • Cream Texture 8

  • Cream Persistance 8

  • Overall Aroma 7

  • Scent of Dried Fruit 6

  • Final Aromatic Intensity 6


*Measurment: 2 = Low Perceiving - 9 = High Perceiving

Overall Intensity 10


Attibassi Intenso comes in retail brick box of 10 plastic capsules which can be purchased in bulk of 10 boxes (total 100 capsues)

It's also available on wholesale packs of 400 packs very convenient for small offices.

Find Attibassi on Amazon on these links

10 Capsules

100 Capsules

400 Capsules